Camera Smart Pro

Full Footage Integration and Automatic Upload

With insurance companies now looking favorably on fleets that are managing their risks and taking steps to identify issues before they arise, the range of solutions available through NIBC & Corcra will go a long way towards reducing insurance premiums.  These include: Live Vehicle CCTV (up to 8 cameras) , Driver Training, Compliance Audits and Advice, Vehicle Maintenance and Anti Theft Systems.

Camera Smart Pro* enables customers & insurance companies to view footage live from the online portal which is uploaded when the units G-shock sensor is activated. The unique camera solution will alert the transport team to the incident without the need to manually look through extensive footage, which can be a time consuming task. The latest development also enables live streaming of the video directly from their PC/mobile.  The systems 1TB hard drive will store up to 29 days video footage** that can be accessed live or via USB.

The lightweight & tamper proof system, is professionally, discretely & securely installed by our expert engineer, comes with a 1TB hard drive and is housed in a vibration-protected case.

As well as supporting high quality video, up to 1080p resolution, our DVR also records GPS location, G-sensor readings, speed and can integrate with up to 8 vehicle system inputs and 2 outputs – the status of which can be played back in real-time with multiple camera views, to review incidents with the most information possible.


  • Higher quality recording than most competing brands
  • Continuous recording
  • Easy to use software
  • Bespoke alerts
  • Option to select preferred configuration

To find out more call 02894 485422

*Maximum 4HD Cameras
** 29 days based on 2 HD Cameras at 9 hours recording per day.