One Net

Host all your communications through this innovative system

With One Net from Vodafone, all of your fixed and mobile communications are unified by connecting to a single cloud-based system. This innovative service is flexible and provides a brilliant way to future-proof your business communications.

All of your communications – landlines, mobiles, tablets and desktops – are integrated on one remote system, allowing all employees to stay connected wherever they are.

How does it work?

One Net is essentially a cloud-based phone exchange, hosted in a secure data centre by Vodafone, accessed wirelessly over the internet.

This allows you to make free calls using the internet, work from anywhere so you can stay in contact with remote workers or external offices.

Features of One Net

Unified collaboration
By connecting all of your communications to the cloud, internal calls between colleagues can be made free of charge, no matter where they are or what devices they’re using.
Seamless service
Your One Net system can be incorporated into your existing broadband package, freeing you from the hassle of switching providers if you don’t wish to.
One standard monthly charge
With calls being made over the internet, individual call charges are dropped, meaning you’ll simply just pay your standard monthly broadband or mobile data fees. (Desk phones and mobile equipment provided at a one-off upfront cost.)
Intelligent call routing
Set up an internal hierarchy so that incoming calls can be instantly directed to the right people; if nobody is available, calls can then be redirected to another colleague or department who can help.