Fuel Smart Lite

Multi-source Fuel Auditor & Exception Reporting

Fuel Smart Lite, is the latest solution from NIBC Ltd.  It reconciles fuel card usage against actual vehicle location which is taken from data provided by Track Smart, NIBC’s bespoke tracking system.

The latest addition to our range of fleet management solutions provides a suite of reports showing fuel card usage exceptions, accurate MPG’s and fuel reconciliation.

Fuel card data is automatically uploaded from any fuel card report or onsite fuel storage system.  Fuel Smart Lite combines your fuel card & telematics data in an easy to understand format with clear and easy to use reports giving you maximum control of your fleet.

Research commissioned by Shell shows that 50% of fleet managers believe tackling fraud and misuse could cut their fleets’ fuel costs by 5 per cent or more.  With fuel accounting for 10% of total expenditure for fleet operators, this is where NIBC’s Fuel Smart products can help.


  • Import data from any fuel card or bunkering system
  • Schedule automatic uploads or enter manually
  • Exception reporting on incorrect use of cards
  • Identify and prove fuel theft
  • ability to audit all transactions in one place
  • Reconcile all products (Tolls, Green Diesel, AD Blur etc)
  • Exception reporting on vehicle not present