Case Study 3 – Ards

Ards & Northdown Borough Council

Ards and Northdown Borough Council was formed following the creation of the 11 Super Councils in 2015. Based in Bangor and covering the stunning Ards Peninsula, Comber, Holywood, Donaghadee and Clandeboye the Council runs a fleet of 200 vehicles, with everything from the Mayors car to 44 tonne arctics.

Following a previous demonstration given on NIBC’s Track Smart solution, to Ards Borough Council before the amalgamation, Transport Manager Jeff Shaw discovered the full range of products currently offered by the team at NIBC.


The Challenge

With a fleet of 200 vehicles, the time taken to physically download the data from all our tacho units was increasing steadily. Running a successful fleet meant Transport Manager, Jeff Shaw needed to make better use of his departments time and finances.

“As time is extremely valuable, the amount of time taken to download tacho heads was taking longer and longer as the digital fleet increased. Added to that is the fact that the fleet is not all based in one location.”

The Solution

“For us the obvious solution was digiDL’s from NIBC. It enables us to remotely download the data from our vehicle tacho heads every 24 hours, no matter where the vehicle may be. Following some market research we quickly realised that NIBC were the best option in the market for us.”

Tacho Smart from NIBC, allows users to remotely download driver data securely using GPRS technology. Tacho Smart allows for an automated, centralised data transfer, so you know exactly when and where you will receive your tachograph information. Tacho Smart removes the need for time-consuming manual downloads, users will also gain more driving hours!

Following the initial installation of Tacho Smart, Mr Shaw and his team visited the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham with the aim of researching other providers in the market. However, after visiting NIBC on stand with their sister company, Corcra Ltd, it was clear they had made the right choice and as a result have now placed a further Tacho Smart order for their new Dennis Olympus and Mitsubshi Canter vehicles.

The Results

“In the 6 months since we had our Tacho Smart installed the change has been easy to see. We know exactly when we will receive the data from our drivers cards, and that it will be sent directly to our transport office.

This removes a huge headache when it comes to infringement visits, as we know our data is automatically stored keeping us compliant at all times. We can also make better use of the time we are now saving — giving us more time on the road and in essence, making money. This is exactly why we are more than happy to place our further order with the team at NIBC.”

The Future

Looking to the future, Jeff says “We are very early in our relationship with NIBC, but to date I have found them extremely easy to work with. In my experience they are excellent at listening to the needs of their customers and offering suitable products & services to meet those needs. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other fleet managers.”

If you would like to find out more about Tacho Smart or and other the other products from NIBC please get in touch on 02894 485422 or check out our website