Case Study – River Ridge

River Ridge Recycling

NIBC Telematics package saves RiverRidge Recycling Time & Money.

At RiverRidge Recycling we have been utilising bespoke telematics services from NIBC for five years. Previously we had been using the services of a number of different providers to achieve our goals, this cost us both financially and was time consuming for administrative staff.

NIBC have combined all our demands into one complete tailored package which is extremely user friendly for a novice, yet offers complex reporting for the more assiduous.

Settings can be restricted to suit the user depending on the level of access required. As Transport Manager for a multi depot company, operating a broad range of municipal spec vehicles, it is essential that our Transport teams have access to efficient telematics that ensures drivers are monitored at all times so customers can be provided with ETA and vehicle location should it be required. From an operational point of view, to remain competitive it is essential that we drive down costs, yet offer an unrivalled service to our customers. In a competitive industry, with uncertainty over fuel prices, NIBC helps us to monitor driver behaviour such as % time spent in rev bands, harsh braking, idling, speeding and MPG.

Reports like these can be traditionally NIBC’s interface is simple yet effective, offering access to the exact information that we require, displaying it in an uncomplicated format that allows drivers to understand any driving style issues we may be trying to improve.

Further Investment

Due to continued company expansion, we recently invested further with NIBC in July 2015 for a further five years and introduced In Vehicle CCTV and Remote Tachograph Downloading software to our package.

The cameras were effective within a week of being installed – One of our vehicles was involved in an alleged fraudulent insurance claim, which the front facing camera captured and upon playback showed no foul play on the company’s behalf. We were advised this could have cost us in the region of £60,000 had we been deemed as liable, not to mention our driver who may have faced an investigatory. There has also been a marked decrease in speeding incidents with our own vehicles, now that drivers are conscious we have access to live recording of their driving behaviour.

The Remote Tachograph Downloading software saves us immense time in manually capturing tachograph data as is required by law. As our fleet expands, this was becoming a more laborious task. Now we receive downloads daily, which results in us being able to react to driver infringements quicker, than we would if we were stretching it to the legal 56 days. At a glance we can also ensure that a driver has their digi card inserted, ensuring we capture incidents of missing mileage instantly. When addressing drivers infringements,it is easier to educate a driver when the infringement has occurred in the previous day, rather than viewing multiple incidents over a 3-4 week period, when a driver cannot remember the exact day circumstances in question.

Alerts are easily programmed to remind the traffic office when MOT’s are due, as well as service; safety inspections. Due to restrictions on Operating Centres and vehicle movements, security alerts are set to notify us should a vehicle leave the Operating Centre outside of scheduled times. This is assisted by geo fencing, which allows us to monitor driver arrival and departure times at customer premises. Some of our Blue chip customers require telematics reports to monitor turnaround times within their premises, these are accurate and easily presented, and supported by GPS pulses every 30 seconds, assuring us we can account for our vehicles movements at all times.

NIBC Service

Throughout the whole process we were very impressed with the support that we received from NIBC, which in some cases was required outside of business hours.As RiverRidge Recycling continues to expand, we have one less hassle in the knowledge that NIBC continues to develop their offerings at the same pace. Staff are knowledgeable and patient with any queries, and frequently conduct site visits to ensure we are not just treated as a client, but continue to show interest in our business to see if they should adapt their processes to suit.

I look forward to a continued working relationship with NIBC, and as technology evolves, I am confident that they will be at the forefront of new developments, and RiverRidge Recycling will benefit as a result.