Case Study – TJ Hood

TJ Hood

NIBC (Northern Ireland Business Communication) who were established 2004 in Co Antrim,  now operate with offices in Antrim, Liverpool and Schiphol, have a team of dedicated Account Managers with reach all across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

With your business at the heart of what we do, we utilise our comprehensive portfolio of products to enable you to run your fleet more efficiently and profitably.

Here we speak to one of our very first customers TJ Hood to find out why they switched to NIBC and what has kept them here for well over 10 years now.

About TJ Hood

TJ Hood, a family run European Haulage and Transport Company in Northern Ireland, was established in 1972 by Tommy Hood as is now run by sons Mark and Tommy jnr.

Based in Crumlin, they are in close proximity to Belfast harbour and the Belfast International Airport and specialise in ambient European haulage and transport — full loads and part loads

The Products 

TJ Hood have been a customer of NIBC for over 10 years, after moving their tracking from Cab-Track. Thanks to advances in technology and our in-house developers they now use our bespoke Track Smart system, which gives them full visibility of their fleet across Europe.


"By far the single biggest benefit for us of working with NIBC is the time savings the solutions have enabled us to achieve.”
Mark Hood

Mark tells us about their relationship with NIBC and the telematic solutions they currently use:

“We use the tracking system 24/7 to monitor the movements of our fleet, ensuring they meet KPI’s and also for the extra layer of security it provides to our drivers. With our fleet out across Europe and rules and regulations stating a vehicles tachograph must be downloaded at least every 90 days the ability to remotely download the tacho information digitally and have it sent directly to our online portal on a weekly basis with Tacho Smart is a major advantage.

Tacho Smart also enables our planners to see which drivers we can use for the next job, without having to rely on information from them or having to wait until they get back to base.  In order to meet customers’ high expectations and not be impacted commercially, the live tachograph data is the ‘Holy Grail’ of European Transports for us hauliers who rely heavily on drivers making sailing times.

It enables us to keep our vehicles on the road, while also remaining compliant.

Using Fuel Smart has given us the ability run reports at the click of a button to monitor the fuel burnt against fuel purchased, match fuel receipts to actual fill ups, as well as vehicle MPG and eco ratings.

For us perhaps the easiest solution to see a financial benefit from is Camera SmartWe had SD cameras installed in all our cabs and they have paid for themselves on numerous occasions, providing evidence in insurance claims and when damage has been caused to our vehicles.

Most recently, we upgraded to Camera Smart Pro.  The high quality HD forward facing cameras captured the registration number of a car that hit one of our trucks while both vehicles were travelling along a main road.

How it played out

Our driver calls in an incident (3rd party in oncoming traffic drove into the side of our truck and fled scene).  We contacted NIBC support, who downloaded the footage remotely and forwarded to us in a format we could forward to our insurers. From this footage we were able to read the registration and report the hit and run to police even though the combined speed of both vehicles was over 80 mph

After contacting our insurers with the video and picture evidence they arranged for the truck to be repaired and supplied a temporary replacement vehicle.  Our insurers traced the 3rd party insurers from the registration identified from Camera Smart Pro (see pic).  The insurers have paid for our repairs/replacement vehicle and recovered monies from the 3rd party insurers. The excellent service from NIBC had our vehicle back on the road within a fortnight at no cost to ourselves.”

Looking to the future Mark comments “With the first class service and market leading products we receive from NIBC I can’t see us needing or wanting to take our business elsewhere. I know that the in-house software developers are always working on upgrades for their systems and coming up with innovative solutions to make life easier for Transport Managers.”

If you would like to contact TJ Hood for logistical queries you can do so on 028 9442 2929.

For more information on the services provided by NIBC please call us on 02894 485 422 or visit