Internet of Things

Keeping Your Devices Connected, the Smart Way….

IOT is the new name for ‘Machine 2 Machine’ Technology which allows specialist sim-card enabled devices to communicate with a customer’s server over a mobile data network. There were over 8 billion IOT connected devices in 2017, a 30% increase on 2016 and industry leaders predict growth to over 50 billion connected devices by 2020. IOT drives greater business efficiencies by streamlining day to day tasks allowing faster/real time access to you devices from anywhere in the world. NIBC has been providing IOT services for over 16 years and know the importance of ensuring real time data is available from all of your IOT connected devices.

We have partnered with leading IOT providers to tailor make IOT solutions for our customers offering the following key features:

…remove the reliance upon single network providers.

…meaning your devices connect to the strongest network, not the preferred network

…allowing you to spread the cost of your data usage across all of your sims and therefore reducing the risk of bill shock.

…giving you access to see your sim estate and setup usage alerts.