As part of National Lorry Week we are taking a look back at our partnership with Young Enterprise and The Chartered Institute of logistics and Transport as we spoke to schools across County Antrim about the careers available in the haulage industry.


NIBC has partnered with Young Enterprise in the hope of encouraging more women in Northern Ireland to join the haulage profession by addressing perceptions and spreading the word about the work of women in the sector during a number of visits to schools and colleges throughout the country.


According to recent reports, nearly 1.5m people work in transport and logistics in the UK, but less than a quarter of these employees are female and only one per cent are HGV drivers which proves the severe need for diversity within this sector.


Jemma Dougherty, Marketing Executive of NIBC speaking on a visit to Ashfield Girls’ High School; “It is common knowledge that there is an incredible shortage of women in the Transport Industry, however there is also not enough awareness around the contribution of woman within the industry, it very often goes unseen.


“Only eight per cent of workers within the haulage industry are women, there is clearly a large part of the population that is not being targeted. NIBC, together with Young Enterprise, are meeting students to discuss all aspects of the sector, including career opportunities. Through a better understanding of the many roles of women within this industry, it is our hope more will consider the haulage industry as a career.”


NIBC specialises in helping transport companies across the UK, Ireland & Holland to run their fleets more efficiently and profitably through the use of tailored telematic products. Founded in 2004, NIBC is now based across two offices in Antrim and Liverpool and it continues to offer highly innovative solutions to some of Northern Ireland’s leading transport companies.


Jemma continues; “We are delighted to be visiting Ashfield Girls’ High School, this is an ideal opportunity to promote the benefits of working within the haulage industry, such as various apprenticeships and training programmes, which may inspire the student’s future career ideas from a younger age.


“The haulage industry is vital to our economy, almost everything we consume is delivered by road and there is a real opportunity for women to be involved in these vigorous operations, be it in the office coordinating successful transport operations, in the warehouse or driving a truck, the prospects are so varied, there is certainly something for everyone.”


Barbara Edgar, Young Enterprise Training Officer, comments, “Young Enterprise is very grateful to NIBC for bringing new opportunities to the awareness of the next generation. We need to inspire women to choose a career in transport and NIBC has certainly transformed attitudes and helped young people open their eyes to a career they may not have considered previously.”


Pamela Dennison, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, who recently won ‘Women in Transport’ at the Fleet Awards in Dublin comments; “The logistics industry suffers from poor perceptions of its career opportunities. However, the work of NIBC and Young Enterprise helps, from a young age, to highlight the fact the country’s logistics and supply chains welcome women across a whole range of roles, from HGV drivers to managing directors.


Jemma notes; “We should relish diversity. The industry will only be able to attract the right talent and overcome its perception issues by better promoting the scope of opportunities available to women. So come on young women and ladies join the haulage industry!”