Tacho Smart

Tacho Smart

Keeping you Compliant...

Tacho Smart allows you to automatically download tachograph data (vehicle head & driver card information) from anywhere in the world direct to your PC or analysis provider in real-time.

In addition to Tacho Smart, Live Driver Decision Support (DDS) shows you a live view of the remaining driving and rest times of each driver.  Planners can then easily assign drivers to jobs, while staying compliant.

Key Features

  • Remote download of all compatible tachographs
  • Remote authentication of company card
  • Secure & encrypted data transfer
  • Live Driver Decision Support
  • Integration with tachograph analysis software
  • 12 month RTB warranty
  • Automatic firmware update

We partner with Aquarius IT to provide their suite of industry leading products via our NIBC Corcra portal with a single sign on.

The market-leading web-based instant analysis software system, simplifies management of your tachograph data.

This unique new technology digitally captures driver signatures on infringement documentation via touch screen tablets and PCs.

Advanced Vehicle Defect Checker App for Android lets you manage your daily walk-around vehicle checks with ease and efficiency.