Keeping you connected to the 'world wide web'

Whether it be a homeworker, satellite office, head office or a temporary site, NIBC have a wide range of business internet connectivity plans to meet your requirements.
It is a common misconception that a leased line is the only option to get high speed internet but there are many more factors that should be considered such as the contention, and possibility of bonding lower cost services to meet your requirements. Our team will help you weigh up the pros and cons of all the connectivity options available to you, along with the costs and typical setup times.

With the continual increase and reliance upon cloud services in the work place it is now more important than ever to ensure you have both high speed and more importantly reliable internet connectivity to your business premises.

Perfect for all small sized offices our business broadband services include ADSL & FTTC options up to 80Mbps download speeds & all have unlimited usage, are SIP compatible services, and can be supplied as a wires only service or with a router of your choice.

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Perfect for businesses who require more than a single broadband line and where leased lines are either too expensive due to distance from the nearest exchange, our bonded broadband solutions are a perfect way of combining (balanced or aggregated) the bandwidth of 2 to 4 ADSL or FTTC connections.

With ever increasing reliance upon on internet and cloud based services the connectivity in your office premises is now a vital component to any business.

Dedicated leased line services ranging from 10Mbps up 1GBps are now more affordable than ever and can ensure your business has the best & most reliable connectivity possible to the world wide web. Whether this be for remote locations or high rise city centre offices we work with all major carriers to provide you quality service and competitive pricing.

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Perfect for temporary sites or remote workers we can provide mobile broadband solutions including both wireless hot spot devices and dedicated router hardware on all of the leading mobile networks.

Ensuring the traffic and data handled on your internal network is as secure as possible is important to any business, especially with the continual legislation changes to data protection laws. It is therefore important for businesses to ensure they have the best security available to them, most standard internet routers only include a basic inbuilt firewall offering minimum protection to the potential hackers and viruses.

Installing a dedicated hardware based firewall has always been considered something only large businesses or PLC’s can afford to do, but this is the not case and there are many affordable solutions available to small and medium sized businesses which can provide the most secure connectivity available protecting both your internal network data and also potential threats from your external public network.

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