Vodafone One Net

One Net



With One Net from Vodafone, all of your fixed and mobile communications are unified by connecting to a single cloud-based system. This innovative service is flexible and provides a brilliant way to future-proof your business communications. All of your communications – landlines, mobiles, tablets and desktops – are integrated on one remote system, allowing all employees to stay connected wherever they are.

How does it work?

One Net is essentially a cloud-based phone exchange, hosted in a secure data centre by Vodafone, accessed wirelessly over the internet.  This allows you to make free calls using the internet, work from anywhere so you can stay in contact with remote workers or external offices

Build your business anywhere

A virtual landline means a virtual office, leaving you free to run your business from wherever you need to. So even without a fixed office or desk phones, you’ll always look professional.

Grow your business further

Expand your business into new geographical areas without the costs and risks of taking on new premises. Create virtual landline numbers with different area codes and attract new customers looking for a local service.

One central voicemail

Share a single voicemail box for your mobile and landline numbers. Any messages can be retrieved – and acted on – by anyone in your company, meaning no customer contact is missed.

Billing made easy

Avoid unnecessary office costs and the need for separate lines or costly call divert charges. With all your calls under one service, your bills are easier to manage and your costs are easier to predict.

A virtual secretary

Respond more efficiently to customers with auto-attendant – our ‘virtual secretary’. Calls can be routed automatically to ensure your customers speak to the right person first time, every time. (Chargeable option)

Catch every call

Answer calls faster with the hunt group feature. When a call comes in, anyone in the group can pick it up. You can set their phones to ring simultaneously or one after another until the call is answered. (Chargeable option. Applies only if you have more than one user.)